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Many elements greatly influence image quality in a video surveillance system. In many cases, even if high quality equipment is used, the results obtained are not satisfactory.

The main causes of distortion are:

1. Quality and type of cable used for connecting video surveillance cameras

1.1. Coaxial Cable. Most coaxial cables have a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms, the transmitted video being one balanced. The thicker the cable, the less losses for the cctv video surveillance system. The video signal is an electric current, the smallest losses we will have on a core and copper alloy shield. RG 59 is the most common coaxial cable type in CCTV video surveillance systems. With an external diameter of 6.1mm and a 0.64mm thick core, it offers increased flexibility and the main disadvantage is the signal loss especially at high frequencies. The RG 6 is a coaxially rigid video coaxial cable with an external diameter of 6.86mm, a 1mm thick core and a double screen, but it can transmit images at far greater distances without loss of signal. Another important aspect of the coaxial cable is the shield. It plays a very important role in rejecting interferences. The coaxial cable shield may be formed from a thin wire mesh or from several alternative layers of film and wire mesh. The coaxial cable is used with video surveillance systems with surveillance cameras located at relatively small distances from the DVR digital video recorder (maximum 250 meters). CCTV installers in central London by LogicalGate.

1.2. UTP. The twisted wire is a type of cable in which two conductors are twisted around each other to cancel the electromagnetic interference. Using the UTP cable for video surveillance cameras and CCTV systems can extend the maximum cabling distance to 1.2 ~ 1.5km using active video transceivers. The signal is unbalanced and the caracetristic impedance is 100-110 Ohms. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use two pairs of UTP cable to transmit a video signal.

1.3. FTP and STP. In video surveillance systems, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use FTP and STP cables to transmit video from video surveillance cameras using video transceivers, due to electrostatic cable and metal foil that lightens lightning faster. When using the FTP cable for video transmission, the screen foil must be connected to the ground and the distance is reduced by 5 ~ 15% compared to the UTP.

2. Video surveillance cameras – image distortions
The potential difference in video surveillance systems

The potential difference is the induction of an alternating current in the cable route between the DVR digital video recorder and the video surveillance camera. This is due to the different mass references of the equipment. It is most common when installing video surveillance cameras on metal structures. In this case, it is recommended to use a buffer zone of insulating material (wood, plastic, etc.). The effects of potential difference are various: flow effect, cross-ribbing, cross-link patterns or image noise.

Cable route for video surveillance cameras
It is NOT RECOMMENDED to make the cable route parallel to the high voltage cables. Due to the small cable spacing, the high voltage can induce an unwanted alternating current in the cable route between the DVR and the camera.

The length of the video surveillance cable
The video surveillance signal has a certain degree of attenuation proportional to the length of the cable.

The maximum installation distances for analogue video surveillance cameras are:

Coaxial – 250m

UTP – 300 ~ 400m, using passive video transceivers (we recommend using active amplifiers even near upper limits)

– 1.2 ~ 1.5km, using active video transceivers

4. Improper plugging in video surveillance cameras and digital video dvr
An imperfect contact can significantly influence the quality of video surveillance, which is the major cause of signal loss.

There are several types of dies, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

4.1 Mounting with soldering. It is the safest but does not offer a great mechanical resistance

4.2 Mechanical fitting (with infill). The easiest to use, with acceptable mechanical strength. The most susceptible to oxidation in external muffs or in high humidity environments.

4.3 Sertisation. Procedure with good electrical contact and high mechanical resistance

5. Power supply for video surveillance cameras

The distortions caused by the power supply of the video surveillance cameras are due in particular to the overloading of the source, especially at night when the consumption of video surveillance cameras with IR infrared illuminator increases significantly.

In the case of long cable routes, the source can not provide enough power to capture the image in optimal conditions.

6. Operating temperature

At low temperatures (-20 degrees C), there are negative effects on the electrical components of CCTV video surveillance equipment. At the opposite end, a very high temperature may thermally overload the equipment.

7. Sensor type of video surveillance camera
CMOS sensors are more robust, they need more light under similar illumination compared to a CCD sensor. The amount of low light influences the image quality obtained in the video surveillance camera, being the main cause of night-time noise.

Video surveillance cameras installation

In the most recent years, more and more of our clients have chosen for their shower drains the linear or channel ones. They are the same things – a narrow profile which collect water (and impurities which result from taking a shower) on a larger area.

They are effective – much more effective than the traditional point drains, because of this reason. The channel drains can handle a bigger volume of water than the traditional ones, thus greatly diminishing the risk of the water overflowing and of the flooding. Best stainless steel wet room bath drains.

Because of the same reason, the clogging risk is also greatly decreased. The maintenance of these types of drain systems becomes also easier, because the impurities are collected on a larger area, and not on a narrower one. Just wipe with a piece of cloth from time to time and you will never have a failing drain system.

These types of shower drains are also much easier to install than the traditional point ones. In the latter case, you have to take into account many variables, such as the degree of the shower floor slope, the volume of water, and so on. In the case of the linear drains, you need to be careful only with the width of the opening.

Rest assured, if the profile will be longer, you won’t even notice the linear drains. Unless you actually want to. More and more of our clients have asked us how we can personalize their new drain systems. Obviously, when it comes to effectiveness, we always recommend the latest antimicrobial compounds, as far as the material from which the drain system is made.

But the personalization doesn’t end here. It includes also the length of the profile, as well as the design on the grating. These count very much in a modern home, because they actually improve the aesthetics of the wet room. Do these details count for you too? Then coming to us will be the best decision.

But wait, because there is more. Technology has progressed very much in the last couple of years, so any kind of personalization can be made. Your shower drains can be LED lighted, can have a personalized inscription on the grating, and so on.

There is also another advantage, which counts very much for our clients. Besides being more effective, besides having a modern design, besides being very easy to install, and besides being very easy to cleanse, they are also very durable.

If you buy a new wet room drainage system now, you won’t have any problems with it for a long, very long time. With the proper maintenance, you’ll only change it when something better will appear on the market (and we assume that it will be a long time from now).

So are you moving to a new house and you know that the drainage system is very important? Are you replacing the old one because it has failed you repeatedly? Do you just want to have your wet room look as good as possible?
In any of these cases, and even more, do come to us and buy some new shower drains. Our specialists will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase and indicate anything that could make your bathing experience as relaxing as possible.

Most of the modern swimming pools which can be built nowadays rely on a specific type of filtering pump – the sand filter pump. This type of pump is easy to install, is low maintenance, is robust, and is reliable. These are all characteristics which make it the top choice for all swimming pool builders and their customers.

But however sturdy it may be, this type of filtering pump can also deteriorate and break down. And while it has a huge life expectancy, the sand inside it needs to be changed every 5 years or so. So how can you prolong the life of this essential feature? How can you make sure that you don’t have to change the actual pump for as long as possible? Well, first you need to identify the most probable problems which can appear.

Since this type of pump filters all the impurities in the water, the most obvious problem which may occur is clogging. However, in order to fix this problem of the sand filter pump you just need to do some backwashing – and that is all about it. As the name of the process suggests, backwashing is all about reversing the flow of water which comes through the pump.

Thus, instead of trapping the impurities, the pump releases them.

The first thing to do is to turn the circulation pump off, as well as the sand filter one. Then you need to turn the handle from filtering to backwashing. Then start the pumps again – in three minutes tops all the impurities will be released. Then repeat the same steps backwards and try the pump. If you notice that it doesn’t filter the impurities in a proper way, repeat the backwashing a couple of times more.

How do you notice that the impurities aren’t filtered, besides the checking out for the obvious? Well, if the water is clear when backwashing but it has a high pressure when the pump is filtering, then the problem didn’t go away. And if backwashing didn’t work the first three times, then another procedure needs to be done.

Changing the sand in the sand filter pump is also an easy task, which can be done without the assistance of a professional. However, now you will need some additional tools (such as a screwdriver, PVC glue, fittings, or even a hacksaw), as well as the correct type of sand – you will find what kind of sand needs to be used on the filter label. Additionally, you will also need gloves and long sleeves, for when scooping the sand out of the pump – this is due to the fibre glass in the pump.

And replacing the sand is as easy as it seems – open the pump (or use the hacksaw on it), scoop the sand, replace it, close the pump (or use PVC glue) and you will be good to go. In this way, by backwashing and changing the sand inside, you won’t need to change the pump itself.

The sand filter pump is an essential feature for a swimming pool. By paying attention to it, the water will always be crystal clear!

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Nowadays, learning how to drive is vital. So taking driving lessons in North London is a must. You should consider taking these lessons from the day you become legal of age. But how will you choose the best driving instructors? How will you know which of the many is the best driving school in London?

By means of researching – whether it is on the internet, just like now, for credentials, whether it is the opinion of your acquaintances, you will actively search for what you want and what you need. What we can tell you is that we are indeed one of the most affordable driving schools in the city. But, in addition to that, we are also one of the most well-known and reliable in the entire UK. So, in a way, you’ve come to the right place.driving lessons in North London

Over the course of time, we have provided with driving lessons London any number of social categories – from students to former drivers, everybody has come to us. Being established in the entire UK played a big role in that.

However, a greater role was provided by our professional and experienced driving instructors. These teachers with whom we collaborate view driving and teaching not just as a job, but as a passion. And, like with all passions, they always seek to improve themselves. You’ll never find a driving instructor better than our collaborators, with more knowledge of everything new regarding the safety in traffic. More tips…

You’ll never find a driving instructor better than ours, who can help you surpass any difficulty with easiness. Whether you will want a female driving instructor or a male one, it is all the same – all of our collaborators are accredited and come only with the best credentials.

They are all reliable and patient, and they are very communicative. They are opinionated and they will always guide you on the right track. They have extensive knowledge in everything that concerns a car, from the rules of traffic to how a vehicle actually operates. By appealing to our services and by having driving lessons London with our professional and experienced driving instructors, you will be on the fast lane towards taking your driver’s license.

Of course, you may consider some cheaper alternatives than ours. But check out our special packages, for all the categories of pupils. While we are already an affordable driving school, in doing so our fees will become even cheaper.

By all means, we don’t pretend to be the cheapest one. But what we can say (and our former pupils can testify to) is that we have helped everybody take their driver’s license from the first try. Even more, if you consider yourself to be a difficult pupil, rest assured – you are not the first one to come to us. As said, all our driving instructors are patient. All you need to do is actually be interested in taking your license.

Afterwards, everything is easy as pie.

Your search can now be called off. You’ve found the best already. All you need is to actually want to take advantage of the knowledge of our driving instructors. Have driving lessons in Hatfield with us and you will always surpass any difficulty encountered on the road with easiness and little to no effort.

Hextable cleaners is one of the few cleaning companies which offers its services in the city. So what makes us the perfect choice for you, besides the proximity? Here are a few aspects you should consider and which will convince you that our services are the best and that only we are the ones to call.

Time is the most priceless commodity of nowadays and you shouldn’t waste it doing chores such as gardening, dry cleaning, general house maintenance, and so on. You should spend it with your family, your friends, or with whoever you may want to.

That is why our professional team of cleaning technicians will be at your place whenever you call them, without disturbing your program. In this way, you can go about your program – the team of technicians will arrive just before you leave and will be finished in time for your arrival.

In the same way, the Hextable cleaners won’t disturb the work of your employees (or of your own) if you decide that you need our services for your offices. Evenings and weekends are usually the times when we are called by others. Of course, any suggestions are welcomed and we can work our schedule around yours.Hextable cleaners

You should always consider the particular services a cleaning company has to offer. In this way, we can say that we have a most varied offer of services and packages from which you can choose. Thus, if it is gardening maintenance (with everything included), if it is spring cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning, it is carpet dry-cleaning, or anything else, if we are talking about window cleaning at your offices or at your home, you can always count on our experienced cleaning technicians.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to all types of cleaning services. You can check out our list of services, or you can simply call us for further indications. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer the phone and guide you in the right direction.

You should always take into account the fact that you should choose between franchises (larger cleaning companies) and local housekeeping companies (such as the Hextable). Sure enough, the larger cleaning companies have prestige. However, our smaller cleaning company has it too, with all our clients satisfied by our work. Furthermore, our program is much more flexible, as stated above. And we are certain that you will too find satisfaction in our services.

Of course, if there is the case and you are even just a bit dissatisfied (we doubt it will be so), you can call us within 48 hours of our team’s arrival and we will remedy any unwanted situation. A different team will arrive at your place, free of any charge.

It won’t happen so – you will call us, but for a different reason. To make another appointment with our cleaning technicians.

We can also add that everything is transparent as far as our services are concerned. Even if we are a smaller cleaning company, you will know where your money goes, with contracts made and signed each time you appeal to our services.

These are the most important aspects you must consider when choosing a cleaning company’s services. All the Hextable cleaners’ clients have been satisfied by the work of our cleaning technicians and maids. You will be too.

Leave the dirty work around and in the house to us and don’t make your employees do something that isn’t specified in their contract. Call us and let us make everything as clean and as tidy as possible.

Elegant and contemporary

For a cheaper and low-maintenance alternative of the classic inground swimming pools, choose the steel swimming pools – elegant and trendy, they can take any shape and have any dimensions that you might want. The stainless steel material from which they are made is highly resistant to all sorts of weather hazards, including in here UV light, extreme cold, extreme heat, as well as others. This is a clean and safe alternative, since the stainless steel pools aren’t just a lot cheaper than the inground ones, but also a lot easier to maintain clean and safe.

At this moment, steel pools are a must-have for any kind of household – whether you are planning to just splash around in the hot and sunny summer days, or you are a trained swimmer wanting to exercise some more, choosing steel swimming pools is the best thing you can do. Your provider could set you with any extra feature that you might want, for you to have the best time while in the cool water.steel swimming pools

The stainless steel pools are all standardized, meaning that all the elements which will form the pool are premade in the factory. In this way, it will be fairly easy to install it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the pool cannot be custom made – you, as a buyer, should just communicate all your requirements and the new elements will be made at the factory. Stainless steel is the perfect material in such cases, since it can be moulded to meet any special request.

Fitted with pool access stairs, the bottom of the pool is usually made from smooth concrete slabs. With the walls supported by sturdy steel buttresses, all sorts of gutter systems, PVC waterproofing, as well as any other number of features, your stainless steel pool will only need some finishing touches – ceramic tiles will be glued to the walls, thus finishing the job.

If you are looking for the right type of outdoor swimming pools, then this is it – steel swimming pools will always become the main point of attraction for all your friends during the hot and sunny summer days.

We mentioned the extra features just above – while the water filtration and water disinfection systems are a must, you can always go for the full package and also purchase special controls and displays for your new stainless steel pool. Usually on a touch panel, this piece of technology will keep you up to date and let you control all the functions of the pool from the basic heating system to the lighting and the dehumidification system. In this way, you will always have the water from the pool meeting all your standards.

So don’t bother with the standard and high-maintenance inground swimming pool, when you can have the same benefits and even more advantages with the stylish and contemporary design of a stainless steel pool. Cheaper, easier to clean, easier to install – all you need to do is decide what retailer should be the one to deliver it.

Afterwards, just enjoy your time – steel swimming pools are now a must. Do you have yours?

For a facelift of your (new) home, you should always consider changing/replacing your shower drains – not just because the old ones may be simply broken, but also because of the many choices that you can now make. And these choices go beyond the mere functionality of the drains and concern the aesthetics – after all, we have just mentioned that this will be a facelift.best shower drains

And if you really want to have your shower floor look as stylish as possible, then you will definitely choose the linear drains – inconspicuous and very capable of managing any water flow rate, they should be the perfect choice for any household. Not only nobody will notice where they are (if installed properly), but they also require less maintenance than the traditional ones. Of course, just like with any other types of shower drains, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent clogging.

Also, in order to make the most of their capabilities, you should also respect some requirements, mainly pertaining to their positioning on the shower floor. Thus, the linear drains should be placed right near the shower wall, while the tiling should be inclined to a certain degree. Other than that, all will be good. The linear drains have become the first choice for all the families wanting to replace their old shower drainage system – they may be a bit more expensive and more preparation should be made when choosing and installing them, but this is for a reason: they are the best thing on the market at this moment.

Of course, there are countless of choices which could be made in this category alone, including in here the material the drains are made of, as well as their opening (a 2,5 inches one should suffice for any household). As soon as you decide for which drains you will go, you can make all the necessary adjustments to your choice.

The second type of drains you could choose are the traditional point ones – you can find them under any other name, such as traditional drains, clamping ring drains, grate drains, point drains, standard drains and so on. In any way, these types of shower drains necessitate less preparation than the linear ones. Furthermore, their opening should also be taken into consideration, since they might not be able to handle the water flow – of course, you can calculate that pretty easy, by measuring the capacity of the fixture, the pressure, as well as the size of the flow.

In any way, this latter point should be really taken into consideration – after all, after changing the drains, you wouldn’t want the water to flow on your bathroom floor when it should actually go down the drain.

As in the case of the linear drains, plenty of choices can be made in here. Furthermore, for a more stylish drain, you can also customize them to better fit your desires.

Of course, these two types of drains comport a great number of choices which could be made – and these all require necessitate an investment of both money any time. But, in order to have as little hassle as possible, you can always go for the ready-made shower drains, which also come in quite a variety. In any way, whether it will be tiles, standard, or ready-made drains, you now know what choices can be made.

The water circulation pump is the heart of any modern swimming pool. It is the one system on which all the other depend, it is the one system without all the others would be useless. The most important isn’t the water heater, as many would believe, just like it isn’t the filter pump, which keeps the water clean, just like it isn’t any other feature.

If it wasn’t for this special pump, the water wouldn’t be fresh and disinfected. It would be filled with impurities and it would be cold. It wouldn’t be in any way fit for a nice swim. Thus, the pump basically circulates all the water in the pool through all the other systems, returning it back again into the pool. Without this pump, one day would be more than enough for the water to become stagnant.
In a way, it is indeed what a heart is for a living body. And if it is so, how can one prolong the life of the water circulation pump?

It is actually very low maintenance. For example, if you notice that there are impurities in the water, the problem is with the filter pump – and it can extend to the circulation one. To prevent the latter from malfunctioning, just turn it off and backwash (or change the sand from the) sand filter pump. Failing in doing that means that the circulation pump will clog too, which can lead to other problems.

Just check the lint and impurities basket from time to time and see if anything has gathered in there. If it is the case, as soon as possible, remedy the problem with the sand filter pump. The same thing goes for all the other systems as well – if anything is wrong with them, the circulation pump might work for a while. But, eventually, it will also become faulty. And nobody wants this to happen.

Just check if the ozonator, the dehumidifier, the heating, and all the other systems work properly, from time to time. Doing this and fixing any problem will prolong the life of the water circulation pump.

But what is the best and easiest way in which you can keep an eye on all of these systems? Actually, for example, you don’t really need to check the lint and impurities basket. Just install a touchscreen display which monitors all the swimming pool processes. It is as simple as that – and we might as well do that for you, if you are planning on either building a swimming pool, either upgrading your older one.

With such a display, you can see if everything is working within parameters with a single touch. Furthermore, the display can also help you change those parameters – for example, if you want the water to be hotter, or if you want more disinfectant, and so on.

Such a display will ease your job even more and will help you prolong the life of all the swimming pool’s systems. And this, in turn, will help the water circulation pump as well.