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Backwashing a swimming pool’s filter pump

Most of the modern swimming pools which can be built nowadays rely on a specific type of filtering pump – the sand filter pump. This type of pump is easy to install, is low maintenance, is robust, and is reliable. These are all characteristics which make it the top choice for all swim
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A viable alternative to the traditional inground pools

Elegant and contemporary For a cheaper and low-maintenance alternative of the classic inground swimming pools, choose the steel swimming pools – elegant and trendy, they can take any shape and have any dimensions that you might want. The stainless steel material from which they are ma
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The heart of the swimming pool

The water circulation pump is the heart of any modern swimming pool. It is the one system on which all the other depend, it is the one system without all the others would be useless. The most important isn’t the water heater, as many would believe, just like it isn’t the filter pump,
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